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1.) Q: Where are you located?

A: We are conveniently based out of Morristown, NJ; a cultural and historical hub in our Garden State. We primarily provide service in

Morris & Essex Counties, as well as parts of Sussex, Warren,

Somerset, & Union. If you live outside of these areas,

please contact us for more information.

2.) Q: What makes your company "green"?

A: We realize the importance of protecting our environment & natural resources. We do our best to use recycled & recyclable materials whenever possible. We use the most advanced technology in the industry to conserve water (which also saves on your bills!) Whenever possible, we will repair broken parts to your system instead of replacing them, avoiding unnecessary waste and saving you money. 

**Since 2019, each new installation has been offset by trees purchased through Community Carbon Trees!

3.) Q: How do you give back?

A: We believe in creating good karma, in business and in life. For the same reason that we want to provide great & honest service to our customers, we also want to give back to our community and the environment. We know that what you give is what you get!

Keeping It Green has a strong partnership with Community Carbon Trees! Every new installation will include at least a 1 ton carbon offset by way of planting diverse rainforest trees in Costa Rica.

Due to its location within 10° of the equator, trees there will grow for 365 days of the the year. 

This continuous growth without hibernation allows for the largest amount of carbon sequestration. This organization is very special in that it is led by women, employs local people in both Costa Rica & Kenya, and provides incentive to care for the forest (instead of the clear cutting that was rampant in the past.) They also care for each new tree for the first four years (and beyond) to ensure that it survives and thrives! Restoring rainforest trees is not only vital to combat climate change, but also crucially important for the survival of many tropical species of plants and animals. If you would like to make a donation to this important work, please let us know at any Service Call or click here.

We are proud to support Grow It Green Morristown by providing irrigation for their community vegetable gardens & Urban Farm educational center. They are a wonderful part of the Morristown community and we feel lucky to be able to help out!

Click here to check our their farmers market & other great events.

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